Business Desk and Meeting Accessories

Every day, businesspeople are attending meetings or busy at their desks preparing for one. These accessories can be used to build on your brand awareness, inform on your products and services and even appreciate your customers.

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There are various accessories that can be used at the business desk and in meetings. These accessories can be used to build on your brand awareness, inform on your products and services and even appreciate your customers. We’re constantly interacting with fellow businesspeople and this is an opportunity for your brand to build on its image. Below we explore some options:

Business Card Holders

Business cards should be presented from a business card holder. This gives you a professional outlook and an impression is immediately created on the receiver. At Mint, we have a variety of business card holders that match just about any style. All of the card holders can be branded or personalised. The personalised card holders can be used as gift items for someone dear to you.

Memo Pads and Holders

Memos serve as reminders of activities we should undertake. They are also great for writing short notes e.g. a telephone number. They are a great conference material giveaway as they are still relevant in our day to day office activities. This can be branded to ensure your corporate image remains visible across all your promotional material. They can also be used as a personalised gift.

Branded Pens

We all need to write from time to time. Pens are one of the most used promotional giveaways and their longevity on the desk will give your brand the much desired presence. Executive pens can really impress upon your recipient especially when personalised. This can be done through laser engraving which normally gives an etched feel on the pen.

Pens for normal use should also be branded so as to foster your brand image internally and even externally. This includes having them in customer service areas such as banking halls where clients are likely to fill forms or payment points such as cashiers.

Branded Flash Disks

Sometimes we need to save presentations for distribution at important meetings or at conferences. Flash drives are ideal for such scenarios and they are items that can be used over a long period of time. This then means that this is a good brand opportunity to expose your brand image for months if not years. At Mint, we brand a variety of flash drive designs. On request we can also duplicate the data for you. If you wish, we can further lock the drive so that it is read only if you don’t want your message tampered with.

Branded Notebooks and Diaries

We’re constantly planning and forging ahead. It is the prudent who put down their plans to ensure they meet their objectives every now and then. What better tool to use than a diary or notebook. These tools can be used as promotional giveaways or end year gifts (given together with calendars amongst other gift items) to foster loyalty by showing appreciation to your customers.  At Mint, we design and print notebooks and diaries and to give your brand an edge, you can have them personalised for your clients.

Desk Calendars and Planners

Part of planning involves scheduling your activities using calendars and planners. These items are virtually present in every business desk even in today’s digitized world. It is an opportunity for your brand identity to stand out. Our personalised print marketing solutions will give your brand the edge and presence while valuing your customers.

Talk to us, let us work with you as your branding partner providing you with fresh solutions for your brand.