Branded Cutlery and Crockery

Leverage your desired image and positioning to your customers and communicate your brand’s values using branded cutlery and crockery.  

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Often, people underestimate the opportunities available for their brand to communicate. Many brands in the hospitality industry do not take advantage of the opportunity to brand on their crockery and cutlery.

This is an opportunity to leverage your desired image to your customers and communicate your brand’s values to them. All your cups, plates, spoons, knives and glasses should have your brand identity on them as a way of building your brand image.

Branding cutlery and crockery can also be done by organisations other than those in the hospitality industry. Part of staff welfare activities is provision of tea, and at times lunch. It is important for the brand to be constantly present even internally by branding the cutlery and crockery they use.

Another application is personalising the cups, glasses and plates so they can be used as gifts and/or promotional materials. As a gift, they are a good source of motivation for your staff members. You can also personalise the mugs and plates with anything including a photo of the intended recipient. We have magic cups that change colour when hot and can reveal a message when colour changes.

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