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Periodicals are publications part of any organisation. Newsletters are part of such periodical publications and are prominent with businesses, churches, societies and clubs. Content contained within is normally of interest to the target audience which has subscription to the publication.

At Mint, our creative team and marketing team work together to ensure your content is packaged in the best way for your target audience. Print on demand ensures minimal costs are incurred as you can print only the newsletters you require. Our short turnaround times can also be experienced with our offset printing ensuring we deliver your periodical on time.

Digital publications ensure minimal use of print hence massively cutting back on printing costs. The newsletter can now be viewed as an e-publication or application on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even your normal PC.

Newsletters can also be delivered or distributed electronically via email (e-Newsletters) using our email marketing solutions. This is now more popular than its print counterpart as organisations can now track correspondence easily and achieve marketing targets set. They are an effective marketing communication tool as they can be used as a direct marketing, advertising, public relations and sales promotion tool.

Newsletters should be distributed only with consent of the target customer, otherwise this would be infringing on privacy.

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