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Brand and Label with a variety of Stickers  

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Stickers have long been used in labelling items and signage. At Mint, we design and print stickers with brand standards in mind.

Self-adhesive gloss/matte papers are suitable for use for fast moving consuming goods. They are just like your ordinary gloss/matte paper only with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the other end. Being paper, they are unsuitable in applications that are likely to come in contact with water. They are suitable for dry packaging.

Vinyl stickers (or PVC stickers) are an excellent material for labelling and signage. They are well known for their outdoor resilience especially with regard to water resistance. They have a variety of applications such as insurance car stickers, vehicle branding and even product labelling. Placement of the stickers especially when big in size requires special installation skills. At Mint, we offer our sticker installation expertise to ensure no bubbles get stuck or that they don’t peel off easily. We also offer advice on the viability of the surface you desire to place the sticker on.

PVC stickers can also be cut out to ensure you remain only with areas you need to stick. Their availability in most Pantone™ colours allows the material to match up to most brand standards. Vinyl cut stickers are also great for personal use as wall decals or part of wall art. At Mint, we help you in designing the wall art and give advice on various colours. We have a variety of templates that can be vinyl cut too.

For brands, this is an opportunity to look more organised by using the vinyl stickers for signage purposes. Giving directions in your service areas is important for your customers as they’ll be less frustrated. Further, stickers can be used as floor graphics to direct people. We use durable material for floor graphics to ensure longevity. If you have a good logo this can be cut out and placed and glass doors. They are also a cheaper option than frosting glass as some vinyl stickers have a similar effect with various hues available.

Talk to us, let us work with you as your creative agency providing you with fresh solutions for outdoor marketing.