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Making a sale is the single most important process of any business. It is the reason of your brand’s existence in the first place. To make this sale you’ll need the support of marketing. One of the forms of this support is in materials that will aid the sales person in making the sale.

At Mint, we apply a creative touch to marketing material to capture attention and communicate value. We’ve gained experience over the years as a creative agency and engaged several brands in carrying out successful promotions. This is through development of marketing materials including merchandising that go a long way in giving your brand a return on your marketing investment.

The first step is to understand your target market and then go ahead and develop marketing material that will be impactful. Our design team is then guided by our marketing team to ensure they are not just beautiful designs out there but designs that match to your brand standard and able to communicate.

At Mint, we also provide production services for these marketing collateral. This collateral includes items such as company profiles, fliers, brochures, pamphlets and proposals. The importance of printed collateral as a communication tool cannot be underscored even in today’s highly digitised world. We’ll meet your dynamic requirements with our quality fast delivered services.

Our print on demand option gives you the option of printing only what you need. This eliminates the need for bulk printing and ability to address each of your documents to your specific client. This personalisation contributes to making the selling process easier.

We avail our designs as e-publications at the same time so as to enable you to redistribute them at very low costs.

Let your brand communicates its intended message on time. Talk to us today and see how we can work with you as your creative agency in easing your brand’s selling process.