Spare Part Logistics / IOR

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Spare Part Logistics / Importer On Record

A unique service where FiT are the legal importing (and Holding) goods in the country while the client remains in control. This capacity is available in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

  • This is a distributor model that global suppliers can use to bring stock to the market
  • Very ideal for spare parts logistics, i.e. close to market positioning such as the Dell contract. ICT customers are an ideal target for IOR services
  • Instant product access through the region
  • Direct access to markets without a local Distributor
  • Full visibility & control of their stock in the country
  • To operate without maintaining complex legal entities in foreign environment
  • To focus on the core business while we comply with all legal and tax requirements

Industries Covered

Humanitarian & Relief

Oil & Gas Logistics