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Publicity can give your brand an opportunity to build on awareness. Your brand must capitalise on these opportunities by ensuring your brand identity stands out especially if you’re going to get press coverage. Below, we’ve explored some solutions suitable when getting press coverage.

Branded Dummy Cheques

Organisations engage in various corporate social responsibility activities that will more often than not involve their monetary contribution. The presentation of this monetary contribution is done at colourful events and a dummy cheque is used to signify this. At Mint, we design and print dummy cheques suitable for your event. The cheque is printed and presented in a way that it can be used over and over again for the different occasions and therefore cutting your costs.

Press conference backdrop

When speaking at a conference or when at a public event, your brand identity can have a chance to shine by being placed on a backdrop banner. This is a popular tool that gives your brand free publicity when being covered by various visual media.

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